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{Nail Polish}

{ Vegan Nail Polish Guide } 

All nail polishes listed above are cruelty-free with vegan-friendly ingredients but I have not read the ingredients of every single color they make, if you notice a color that is not vegan please let me know so that I can update this lil guide. Please note: this is only referring to nail polishes and not other items.


I did not include OPI because they are owned by Coty  (huge animal-tester) now. Essie is owned by L’oreal, another huge animal-tester. If I’ve missed any just let me know in the comments.  Several people have mentioned to me that Urban Decay is vegan, but while perusing the vegan section of their website, I didn’t see any nail polish so my thought is that they have changed the formula. I have an email to find out about Hard Candy. I’ll update this when I hear back.

{Update to the previous crossed out Update below} It’s appears that Urban Decay has changed their little minds about selling in China because they don’t want to test on animals. Read their statement about it here. Please note, they still don’t have any nail polishes in their vegan section. If they change their minds again I’ll scream. Really, I will.

[UPDATE] Urban Decay can NO LONGER be considered cruelty-free. They have resumed testing on animals so that they may sell their products in China. Sell. Outs.


To see swatches of colors I’ve tried click here.

* These brands are 3 free.