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What I Should be Eating vs. What I Actually Eat

I should be eating…

Eggplant Bacon from Choosing Raw

Curried Cabbage Pillows from The Raw Chef

Avocado, Fennel and Cherry Tomato Salad from Choosing Raw

But I’ve actually not been doing all that well on the cleanse. Last night I had ghetto vodka-sauce pasta. What’s that? Oh it’s just when you throw in some Vegenaise to make the tomato sauce creamy. At least I used gluten-free pasta. I did have a salad on the side but it was a SMALL side.

On the 21 Day Adventure Cleanse, I should be starting my day out with lemon/cayenne water when I wake, enjoy some tea and then start drinking green juice when I’m ready until lunch. Lunch and dinner should both consist of 60-80% raw salads and the remaining percentage should be some healthy protein (vegan of course), steamed veggies and grains (gluten-free), something like a Buddah bowl.

I’ll give myself a pat on the back because I’ve consumed more vegetables in the last nine days than I do in a typical month. I’ve been good about juicing and I’m definitely eating more veggies.  I’m really proud of myself because I haven’t had any gluten. This is huge for me. But there is room for improvement.

I would say that in reality my lunch plate is about 50/50 raw/cooked but my dinner plate is more like 30/70. So while this is definitely a HUGE improvement over my normal diet. I’m not really doing the cleanse in full effect.

Part of the problem is time and part of the problem is money. All those organic veggies are adding up! And chopping them up into delicious wonders is time-consuming.

I’m going to keep at it and pray that Whole Foods has a sale on kale. Happy MoFoing beauties!

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