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We moved

Or I guess I moved, come check out my new site and join my creativity challenge by signing up for my email list. I haven’t quite figured out how to set up a redirect so click here —> kristiinaanderson.com 🙂


Vegan Dupe: Madewell Transport Tote

Vegan Transport Tote Dupe

You know that super chic cognac tote you keep seeing models lug around via Pinterest? The almost $200 bag from Madewell, yup, that’s the one. Well, I have good news for you. The juniors section of Nordstrom has a dupe! The Street Level Reversible Faux Leather Tote (no animals harmed) is about 1/4 of the price of the original Transport Tote, and it’s reversible, so you get a 2 for 1. Plus it comes in tons of color options. The black/cognac version is my favorite. I love it because it doesn’t look like a reversible bag, it looks like your black bag is lined in cognac or your cognac back is lined in black.


DIY Friendship Ring


Because you need another way to use friendship bracelets, allow me to introduce the DIY Friendship Ring. You’ll be BFF’s in no time.

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Craftsy’s Fall Sale Ends Today

Hey guys! Guess what? Craftsy is having a HUGE sale on all of their courses right now. That’s where I learned to use epoxy clay and set-up my home jewelry studio with a micro torch. They have absolutely TONS of different courses to help you tap into your creativity. They even have some free ones so you can if you like the platform.

Most of the classes are around $30 and you get to have access for them for as long as you like. Each course has a platform with videos and a forum to talk to other students and share projects.

Right now all of the online courses are 50% until 11:59 pm MST. So walk, don’t run over to Craftsy‘s BIG Fall Course Sale and learn to weave, sew, paint and more.

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Frisky Fall Starts Now

Guys, I am pretty excited. It’s time for another fitness challenge from the gals over at Tone It Up. It’s my third one this year, I participated in the love your body challenge at the new year and the bikini series in the spring. Both of the challenges were awesome, but I wasn’t in the right head space. I was so focused on my weight, I couldn’t focus on being healthy and on the progress I was making.

This go round, in the name of Radical Self Love, I’m not going to be measuring or tracking my weight at all. Instead, I’m just going to focus on the goals above and on feeling good. More than anything, I just want to make fitness a daily habit.

That’s why the only food related goal is to plan lunches. Whenever I’ve tried to follow a full-blown meal plan, I failed miserably. I end up buying a ton of food that I never eat because I get too busy to cook like I plan. I want to start with getting in the habit of turning a healthy lunch for each workday, then I can go from there. [click to continue…]


Radical Self Love

I don’t remember when or how I signed up for Gala Darling‘s email list but I’m very happy I did. For the last year, I have really been struggling with my weight. Like really struggling, it has seemed that the more I diet and exercise, the more I gain. Two months before my wedding, I just gave in. I realized it was a mental battle and I just had to stop thinking about it and take a break. And that’s what I’ve done. What I meant to do during that time was focus on my mental health and loving myself.

Well, there is nothing like wearing a custom wedding dress in front of a crowd to make you analyze your faults. Searching for the perfect slip meant that I cried in a lot of dressing rooms. I’m pretty sure trying on Spanx makes most people want to cry. In the end, with a lot of help from my friends. I did feel great on my wedding day. But since then, I still don’t feel great in my own skin. I’m still my biggest critic. [click to continue…]


That Simple Life

Can a hobbyist be a minimalist too? This is the question that has been on my mind lately. I have a mean case of creative ADD. I love to learn to skills and create. But in learning all those new skills: spinning, drawing, knitting, crocheting, photography, jewelry making, oil painting, acrylic painting, alcohol ink painting etc… I have amassed a lot of stuff. And a lot of clothes as well. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I had so much time to shop!

Recently, my husband and I have decided to sell our home and move back into our tiny condominium. That’s right, we are being forced into minimalism. I, for one, welcome the challenge. I think I will feel so much more free with out all of my belongings holding me back.
Shop My Closet
That is why over the next two months, I’m inviting you to shop my closets on instagram. Clothing, craft supplies, yarn, nail polish (most only used once for a blog post), is all up for grabs. [click to continue…]


Oh hai, I got married 3 weeks ago!

Yup, that’s me and my hubby on our wedding day, August 15th 2014. I wish I had more pictures but that’s all I’ve got for now. We have 1-4 more weeks to wait for the rest but I’m pretty excited to see them. I’ll wait to post all the details of the big day until I have all the pics. I just wanted to say Hi. Hello, how are you? Tell me in the comments about all that is new and exciting in your life.

PS Get ready for some new DIY’s comin’ up and let me know if you have if you have any requests in the comments.


{Eating SLC} Vertical Diner

Vertical Diner is THE spot in Salt Lake City for diner style vegan eats. If you can eat wheat, you should try their classics like the tender tigers and pancakes. But if you can’t, never fear, they still have loads of yummy GF options.
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How to Fishtail Without a Loom

So, you know those rubber band looms you’re seeing everywhere? Oh you don’t hang out in the kids craft section. Weird. You are missing out, it’s awesome. If you aren’t ready to invest $12.99 to try to loom out, never fear, I have figured out how to do the fishtail pattern without actually owning a loom.

How to make rubber band bracelets without a loom.


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